Don’t Die Yet! – “Laugh Die You – The Mob” 2017


Laugh your way to “Laugh Die You” this 11th February 2017!

Laugh Die You” had in the past 18 months successfully brought 12,000 people to tears from too much laughter. “Laugh Die You”, a direct translation of a Cantonese phrase, “siu sei lei”, which quite simply means “to laugh until you die”, is expecting at least 4,000 Malaysians to fill its venue. Growing successfully, “Laugh Die You” is back with its 4th installment, “Laugh Die You – The Mob“! This time, it features our uprising homegrown KUAH JENHAN, multi-talented actor/comedian MARK LEE and ‘local angmoh’ comedian MARK ATHERTON.

Laugh Die You – The Mob” will be featuring the multi-talented Mark Lee, who will be hosting and singing in English, Cantonese and Hokkien. Our own darling of comedy Kuah Jenhan – dapper, ‘leng chai’ with a smile and quick-wit that kills, to take on Singapore’s Asian-wannabe, multi-lingual travel-bug, Jonathan Atherton.

All this is happening on 11th February at the Genting International Showroom, Genting Highlands!




KUAH JENHAN, who’s formed the Malaysian Association of Chinese Comedians (MACC) along with Phoon Chi Ho and Douglas Lim in 2009, is a highly sought-after entertainer. His brand of humour and performance ethics has garnered the respect and accolades of some of the most experienced comics around. Tom Rhodes, Ronny Chieng, Nick Cody, to drop some names. Going beyond stand-up, Jenhan is also known for assuming different comedic roles and alter egos from time to time.

He has also performed two solo shows since 2011, and appeared at The Best of Malaysian Comedy in Australia last year. Jenhan is also a nominee for Perth Fringe World 2016 – COMEDY AWARD: ‘Like This Like Dad’ and ‘The 9th BOH Cameronian Arts Award – MUSICAL: Best Original Book And/Or Lyrics – Lat Kampung Boy’. His brand of humour and performance ethics has garnered the respect and accolades of some of the most experienced comics around. Tom Rhodes, Ronny Chieng, Nick Cody, to drop some names. Going beyond stand-up, Jenhan is also known for assuming different comedic roles and alter egos from time to time.

MARK LEE, a Singaporean Chinese comedian, actor, television host and film director. Lee is famous for, amongst others, playing the title role in Singapore’s Mediacorp Channel 5 television sitcom Police & Thief as Lee Tok Kong, Phua Chu Kang Pte Ltd as guest appearance Lee Kok Peng from season 5 until season 7 and in Mediacorp Channel 8 television sitcom Holland V as Su Hao. He also gained recognition for his work with Jack Neo and Henry Thia in films such as Money No Enough and Liang Po Po: The Movie and long-running comedy variety programme Comedy Nite. He made his directorial debut in the comedy horror film The Ghosts Must Be Crazy.

Having won numerous awards such as the coveted All Time Favourite Artiste award in the Star Awards 2010 and became the first host-cum-comedian to win the award as the previous winners were predominantly thespians. As such he will no longer be in the run for the Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes awards in future Star Awards. Lee was also a line-up for Popcorn Studio’s Laugh Die You 2.5, a successful comedy event held at Genting International Showroom back in January 2015.

JONATHAN ATHERTON is a well-known comedian, an avid traveller having entertained people from TV shows, radio and on stage all over the world and now calling Singapore his home. Aside from performing club and theatre shows, Jon has also brought smiles to stressed out company executives and government figures. He has performed for Singapore Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Finance, Shell Oil, APC Shipping, Titan, Lamborghini, Pernod- Ricard, HSBC, Standard Chartered, Malaysian Australian Business Council, plus literally scores of Transglobal and local companies.

He also performs regular charity work for organisations such as Magic Bus (India), Red Crescent, Pawse for a Cause. Jon has shaped up the stand-up circuit in Singapore, helm of Comedy Club Asia and has built the market in Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia and Vietnam whilst building bridges across the entire Asian continent and the Indian subcontinent. He speaks a multitude of languages – Indonesian, Malay, Thai, Japanese, Swahili, Uganda, and German – just to name a few.

MICHAEL LEANER is a recording artiste from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Michael Leaner has collaborated and shared stage with many namely and renown local celebrities such as Amber Chia, Shila Amzah, Ning Baizura, Jaclyn Victor, Vince Chong and many more.

A charismatic crooner, he is well known for his emotive and soulful voice. Michael is one of the uprising and sought after singer-performer in the region. Often sought for singing appearances in prestigious events, he was specifically chosen to perform for the honorary presence of Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad and Siti Asmah during their wedding anniversary, and many other that follows.



For Malaysians, tickets are priced at RM308 (VIP), RM258 (Gold), RM158 (Silver), respectively and are available only at Resort World Genting’s website HERE

Early bird tickets are available at 15% discount until Jan 15th 2017, so hurry up and don’t miss out on this spectacularly hilarious combo of entertainers coming your way!

Check out Laugh Die You’s FB page HERE

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Thirst Magazine presents Beer + Chocolate pairing @ Ales & Lagers, Publika, KL

To tell the truth, I’ve always hated beer. The immense bitterness and the bloating, gassy aftermath always makes me wonder, “How can anyone ever enjoy this, WARM especially?!” I’m thankful for this event as it totally changed the whole perspective of beer for me. And with chocolates? C’mon! Organized by Thirst Magazine, this intimate event was their first and was held at Ales & Lagers at Publika Shopping Gallery. The beers and chocolates were provided by Chocolate Concierge and Brewers’ Craft/Smith Street Taps.

Let’s get to the bottom of the ups, shall we! *sorry, lame pun*

We were first given an introduction of chocolate making and the differences in good vs bad chocolate by Ning from Chocolate Concierge. He explains that chocolates that give a bitter taste while consumption or aftertaste is a result of over-roasting the cacao beans used to make these chocolates. Over-roasting it means burning these beans and hence, the bitter taste.


Menu of the day

13043712_888906191218845_7833890924334857028_nTaken from Thirst Magazine’s Facebook

(Beer: From left) Red Chair NWPA (6.2% abv), Americano A Roma (6.8% abv), Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar (6% abv) & Stone Coffee Milk Stout (5% abv)

(Chocolates: From left) Ghana Origin Dark Chocolate Meltaway, Orange Zest Meltaway, Milk Chocolate Almond Rocher, Salted Caramel Slice & Mango Django 

After trying tiny 60%, 65% and 72% cacao samples, we were then given a little appetizer to start off the whole tasting event. We got to savor the Malted Hot Chocolate Espuma; it was a velvety rich Venezuelan chocolate paired with a dark malt, served warm. It was a wonderful drink to start off the tasting.


“Frothy, rich and oh-so-good” – Warm dark malt with Venezuelan chocolate


The first chocolate & beer pairing – The Ghana Meltaway was paired with Red Chair NWPA (6.2 abv)

The Red Chair is a pale ale with smooth, sweet caramel malt base and floral, citrus notes that smelled sweet and divine. Paired with the Ghana Meltaway, it really brought out both of its individual flavours. Don’t be fooled by the sweet-smelling Red Chair, it was a bit bitter for my liking.

Next was the Americano A Roma (6.8%abv) with the Orange Zest Meltaway. The Americano is a bready malt with light lemony taste and herbal aromas with a bitter finish. No pictures were taken here because this pairing was the one I enjoyed best.

The lemon hints from the Americano and the orange from the chocolate really complemented each other. Truth be told – I DON’T LIKE ORANGE CHOCOLATES but this one blew my mind away.


Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar (6% abv)

Listening from the crowd’s comments, some can taste the hazelnut in this, some can’t. It’s a brown ale with hazelnut extract that has a rich, nutty flavour with hazelnut aromas, roasted malt and sweet chocolate.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t taste the hazelnut but there was a very light hint of sweet chocolate. I’m a super huge fan of hazelnuts and this didn’t really tickle my fancy as I was looking forward to taste the hazelnut in this. The Milk Chocolate Almond Rocher was a sweet treat to end things with the Rogue.

The last pairing was the Stone Coffee Milk Stout with the Salted Caramel Slice. Many thought that the Salted Caramel piece was a bit too heavy to go with the stout and funny enough, it was wonderful with the Mango Django!

The stout was smooth, bittersweet and creamy while the mango-centered cream in the Mango Django burst with robust tastes of mango and passion fruit. Paired together, the stout’s taste mellowed and the sourness of the chocolate’s creamy fruity centre amplified – the Mango Django saved the day!

Definitely more chocolates for me!


iflix Malaysia’s First Private Screening @ Rev Asia Berhad

Hey, TV junkies! In my previous blog post on the preview of Mr. Robot right here, this is a peek of what went down at the private screening. Only 20 journalists and bloggers were invited, so I was pretty stoked to be one of the first few who got to watch the pilot of Mr. Robot. It was iflix Malaysia’s first private screening in conjunction to Mr. Robot’s premier in the U.S. three months ago. The event was held at Rev Asia Berhad at their main office in Damansara Utama.

IMG_20150922_145618The entrance of Mr. Robot’s premier 

IMG_20150922_145709Comfy sofas and beanbags

IMG_20150922_150235PIZZA FO LAIF! – We were fed well with Mikey’s :3


Big thanks to iflix again for their kind hospitality and of course, pizza! Looking forward to their next screening too!

At the verge of finishing Season 1 of Mr. Robot already,


iflix Malaysia’s Exclusive Premier of “Mr. Robot”

I was very delighted when I received an invite from iflix Malaysia, to watch the official premier of this Summer’s biggest blockbuster TV series, “Mr. Robot”. For those who haven’t heard of iflix, iflix is new in the market and is Southeast Asia’s leading internet TV service that offers UNLIMITED ACCESS to tens of thousands of hours of entertainment.

With acquired exclusive rights in Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines, I had the chance to officially watch the first episode of the critically acclaimed cyber-thriller and to my surprise, it was psychologically entertaining! It’s basically about a young computer programmer with social anxiety who leads a double life; he’s a (jaw-dropping) cyber-security engineer by day and (again, handsomely) vigilante hacker by night. Elliot (Rami Malek) discovers that he’s on the fence between his personal beliefs and the chance to take down influential multinational CEOs who are running (and mostly, ruining) the world.

I have a soft spot for psyche thrillers. With a whole lot of mind probing about a socially anxious hacker who faces present-day issues with human relationships,  sociology, financial hierarchies and worldly problems in its first episode, I’m already jumping at the edge of my seat for the upcoming episodes and definitely going to get hooked. This contemporary and culturally resonant drama also stars Portia Doubleday, Carly Chaikin and Martin Wallström.


Mr. Robot’s first season has 10-episodes and will officially be available FOR EVERYONE’s TV-junkie pleasure for the first time in Southeast Asia on 24th September 2015. From only RM8* a month, enjoy watching your other favourite TV shows ANYWHERE and ANYTIME! iflix is also conveniently available on Chromecast.

Check them out on their Facebook and Website for unlimited fun and entertainment now!