Eat Only The Freshest @ Eatomo Food Co, Taman Desa

How did you celebrate your New Year? For me, every holiday starts with good food! I started my New Year off with good, fresh seafood at Eatomo Food Co! I was craving very badly for a pokebowl and spontaneously went to Eatomo to try theirs out.

file_007Fresh oysters laid out at the front entrance

file_000California Poke Bowl (RM21.90)

I opted to have my Poke Bowl without the spicy mayo dressing because I wanted to taste how fresh the ingredients were. Maybe it’s me as I would have preferred more if it was cold. It wasn’t really up to my expectations.

file_001House Ceviche with Guacomole (RM24.90)


A really light appetizer, the House Ceviche with Guacomole was alright – a bit bland for my tastebuds. It could have gone better with another side besides nachos. For those who are craving for something light, the House Ceviche with Guacomole would be a delightful snack.

file_004Oyster Promo – Different varieties of French and US oysters (RM7.90-RM14.90 each)


To my surprise, the oysters were fresh but they weren’t cold. Served with Tabasco sauce, they would give you a fresh, pungent kick 😉

file_005Small box of air-flown Norwegian Salmon (RM19.90)


Out of all the dishes I tried, this would be the BEST. I’m no salmon expert but I can tell that this box of loveliness derived from wild salmon. There’s also another size to the salmon box, the XL is about RM34.90 and it’s about double the size of the small box shown above. More salmon, more love 😍

There was some disappointment in certain dishes but I would come here again for their Sashimi and to try out their hot kitchen items like their Dons and Udons.

Till next time,