It’s a Coffee Affair @ Rendezbrew, TTDI

Rendezbrew has a relatively loud ambiance – loud with people’s chatter and laughter. Rendezbrew is a combination of the words ‘Rendezvous’ and ‘Brew’ as the owner, Daniel, and his co-founders were inspired to create a space where people can just come together and connect with each other.

Rendezbrew came about because we were just inspired by the human relationship through a cup of coffee. Rendezbrew is a place for people who just want to enjoy a good cup of coffee with good conversation. We encourage people to put their gadgets away and just rekindle with their friends and family at anytime of the day.”

Rendezbrew’s coffee menu 

Rendezbrew’s food menu

Lotus Chips and Corn Salad

For those who like an Asian touch to their salads, this is the one for you. Loaded with greens, couscous, thinly sliced crispy lotus chips and orange dressing, this is a light and refreshing entrée.

Homemade Mushroom Soup

Creamy and fragrant with a combination of white button and shitake mushrooms, this will warm your tummy up.

Homemade Mushroom Pasta

Another one for mushroom lovers! Super creamy, request your pasta to be cooked al dente as it would be a perfect pairing of the pasta’s springiness and its creamy mushroom sauce.

Seafood Marinara Pasta

A little watery for my liking, the Seafood Marinara Pasta is a decent serving of fresh seafood and lightly made bolognese sauce.

Signature Grilled Chicken

Signature Grilled Lamb

Both the Signature Grilled Chicken and Grilled Lamb use the same kind of marinade and dressing, a light and sweet honey sauce that’s savoured to perfection. I prefer the chicken though 😛

Chocolate Hazelnut Rocher

It looks devilish, but it’s not and it’s just the perfect dessert to end a meal. With a light chocolate chiffon cake dressed with hazelnut bits on top, it goes well with any type of coffee.

Tofu Cheesecake

A personal favourite, the Tofu Cheesecake with passion fruit jelly is to die for. I could have three of these on my own. The softness of the velvety tofu cheesecake texture saves the base’s hard crust.


Icleankicks is operating both in Singapore and Malaysia, with SG being the headquarters. The premium cleaning pop-up caters to cleaning and polishing, snapbacks, sneakers, bags, and many more. You name it!

Coffee peeps, here’s a treat for you. Visit Rendezbrew with your friends and family and mention the code RM5COFFEE to them to get any coffee for RM5 only! You’re welcome 🙂

Address: 11, Lorong Datuk Sulaiman 7, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur

Opening hours: Tuesday – Saturday (9am-11pm)

Sunday (9am-6pm) CLOSED ON MONDAYS

Contact: 011-35921275


Forever a coffee fanatic ❤️,



Get your Cocktail On @ Crime Cocktail Bar, TREC KL

What’s a fun-loving girl without a good cocktail in her hand? I was invited to check out Crime Cocktail Bara new speakeasy bar in town right here in TREC KL. Its founder, Soulmaker Mixologist Kevin Lee, has won numerous awards throughout his 7 years of being a professional bartender. 

Some of his latest awards include Martell’s Rise and Above Award 2015/2016 and Bols Around The World (BATW) 2015/2016.

Modeled after “The Godfather”, the concept of Crime was inspired by the alcohol prohibition era back in the 1920s and the trickiness to find Crime is one of the most refreshing approaches a speakeasy bar in KL could have. Hidden away from the prying eyes of the public, it’s located just above Crave Oysters and Seafood House.

16114033_1829568483923612_5195752631056190875_nCrime Cocktail Bar’s founder, Kevin Lee


16174605_1829568470590280_1942813743121489065_nA cousin to the mojito, the Roselle Martini is made of Roselle jam, Beefeater Gin and lemon juice. This sweet and sour cocktail apparently helps with blood circulation, talk about the health benefits of alcohol!


The Tiki was one of my favourite of the night! Light and refreshing, it’s made out of banana, fresh pineapple juice, speculoos syrup, honey, lime and Kraken Dark Spiced Rum.


Jade of Thousand Layer was an interesting concoction of Puer Ginseng tea with Gin, Don Benedict and Chrysanthemum syrup. It was sweet and super strong.



If you’re craving for something that doesn’t tickle your fancy from the menu, feel free to request Kelvin and the team to whip you up something catered to your taste buds! After all, that’s what a speakeasy bar is all about. PS: Kelvin and his team loves challenges, so be daring!

Follow Crime on Facebook and follow them on Instagram @crimecocktailbar

They’re open daily from 6:30pm-1am (until 5am on Fridays & Saturdays!). They can be reached for reservations and enquiries at 03-21105664 during their business hours too.

Eat Only The Freshest @ Eatomo Food Co, Taman Desa

How did you celebrate your New Year? For me, every holiday starts with good food! I started my New Year off with good, fresh seafood at Eatomo Food Co! I was craving very badly for a pokebowl and spontaneously went to Eatomo to try theirs out.

file_007Fresh oysters laid out at the front entrance

file_000California Poke Bowl (RM21.90)

I opted to have my Poke Bowl without the spicy mayo dressing because I wanted to taste how fresh the ingredients were. Maybe it’s me as I would have preferred more if it was cold. It wasn’t really up to my expectations.

file_001House Ceviche with Guacomole (RM24.90)


A really light appetizer, the House Ceviche with Guacomole was alright – a bit bland for my tastebuds. It could have gone better with another side besides nachos. For those who are craving for something light, the House Ceviche with Guacomole would be a delightful snack.

file_004Oyster Promo – Different varieties of French and US oysters (RM7.90-RM14.90 each)


To my surprise, the oysters were fresh but they weren’t cold. Served with Tabasco sauce, they would give you a fresh, pungent kick 😉

file_005Small box of air-flown Norwegian Salmon (RM19.90)


Out of all the dishes I tried, this would be the BEST. I’m no salmon expert but I can tell that this box of loveliness derived from wild salmon. There’s also another size to the salmon box, the XL is about RM34.90 and it’s about double the size of the small box shown above. More salmon, more love 😍

There was some disappointment in certain dishes but I would come here again for their Sashimi and to try out their hot kitchen items like their Dons and Udons.

Till next time,


Ha Mi Ho Chiak? @ Armenian Street, Penang

Besides crowds and traffic jams coming from north and south, the end of the year gives everyone the warmest feelings. Filled with festive celebrations and school holidays, families and youngsters make road trips look like a breeze! 

I’ve been to Penang, Ipoh and Cameron Highlands – all in the month of December (definitely my favourite month of the year)! Despite going to Penang almost every year, I’ve never stepped foot into Armenian Street before. Penang is no doubt famous for its food; Armenian Street is well-known for its colourful commercialized street murals and they’re probably the best crowd attractions here.

We checked into Spices Hotel and it didn’t disappoint! As you can guess, the interior decor is inspired by local spices and each room suggestively has a different theme (although I beg to differ). If you’re looking for cleanliness, modernity and decor, this is the place for you. But if you’re looking for space, my 6 foot boyfriend and I had a bit of trouble with the level of comfort we had. 


file_0051We were also provided daily breakfast @ Urban Spice Cafe (in front of the hotel facing the main streets) with a few choices in the menu. It’s just so-so.

file_0071Coal-burnt Kuih Kapit – a popular local snack that’s usually indulged during Chinese New Year. If you like yours with lots of coconut milk, this friendly aunty’s Kuih Kapit should do just the trick!



file_005One of the cute street arts around Armenian Street




file_002Caffe Hanakomichi – Their signature coffee was a tad too strong. Literally couldn’t stomach it 😦

file_003Armenian Street is famous for its local heritage houses and buildings. Make sure to wander around and appreciate hundreds of years of history and the beauty of its architecture!


If you’re tired, fret not! Rent your own personal bicycle that comes in 2 pax and 4-6 pax. The real life still applies here though – only 1 person gets to drive. There are many different bike renters and prices range from about RM10-15 per head, so choose wisely!

When in Penang, one must EAT! 

file_006Kuay Teow Th’ng with duck blood, shredded chicken & pork/fish balls

file_0012Fruit Rojak @ Lebuh Keng Kwee

file_007Hot, steamy Muar Chee @ Lebuh Keng Kwee

file_000(From top to bottom) Penang Road Famous Chendul, Char Kuay Teow & Assam Laksa

Where are your favourite local hot spots for year-end getaways? 

Eating till there’s no tomorrow,


Have A Break with Kit Kat! – KitKat “Chocolatory” Official Launch @ Mid Valley Megamall

Sorry for being MIA for awhile, work caught up and I only get to attend events that don’t clash with my 9-6 weekday schedule. Last Saturday, I had the privilege to attend KitKat’s very own first concept store!

#CREATEYOURKITKAT with chocolate selections ranging from white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate! Customers get to pick 3 out of a whopping 16 toppings available on the tabs available at the side of the store to create their very own KitKat bar.

This was super exciting for me because I love the concept of personalizing gifts – especially every girl’s favorite edible dream – chocolates!

file_0001KitKat, finally!

file_0011With my home girl that day

file_002 Look at how cute they all are!

kkc-launch-02Guest of Honour Duli Yang Teramat Mulia Raja Muda Selangor, Tengku Amir Shah ibni Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah Al-Haj was invited to officiate the KitKat “Chocolatory” concept store together with Yang Amat Mulia Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Syed Anwar Jamalullail, Chairman of Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad; Mr. Alois Hofbauer, Managing Director of Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad and Mr. Sachin Goel, Business Executive Manager of the Confectionery Business Unit, Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad

kkc-launch-08Celebrity chef and Malaysian sweetheard, Anis Nabilah

kkc-launch-04Anis doing her KitKat chocolate making demonstration

file_000A few of the many great selections at the KitKat “Chocolatory”

file_004So fresh & good – The many types of ingredients for customary choices!

file_005 Sweet almighty, look at these!

file_006The Limited Edition “Banana Nuts Caramel Cluster”

file_008Already lost for words at how pretty they are

file_0021Good Lord, stop it.


Limited Edition “Café Latte with Cookies & Cream” 

Coffee lovers, this isn’t actually half bad! The “Café Latte with Cookies & Cream” was sweet with a crunch of chocolate cookies and a mild aftertaste of coffee grounds at the end. Definitely a great afternoon snack with of course, a cup of coffee to go with. Totally worth the guilty pleasure!

For those who are interested to get your very own personalized KitKat bar, do note that it takes about 180 minutes for your order to be prepared. Head on over to KitKat “Chocolatory” with the details below;

Lot F-007, Mid Valley Megamall (right behind Baskin Robbins)


< RM25 per personalized bar

< RM15 for freshly pre-made bars (Nasi Lemak recommended!)

FB: KitKatMalaysia 

IG: mykitkatchocolatory

Visit KitKat’s official website or 11street to order online, skip the queue and get it delivered to your doorstep – hassle-free!

Caffeine-Guilty! – 6 Types of Coffee Enthusiasts

Which One Are You?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot… more like everyday. Coffee is a newfound substance that I love to have, especially in the mornings. Like it or not, the coffee culture is here to stay and the trend has been lingering around for the longest time. In the past 5 years, cafes have been mushrooming like they were growing on fertilizers on steroids. It’s also no doubt that cafes are popular among youngsters and mind you, there are many types of coffee enthusiasts here and let’s find out which one you are!

The Instagram Addict

If you find yourself at the perfect corner of the cafe filled with natural sunlight, it will be an Instagram-worthy moment for you. Your feed is mostly on a VSCO theme and filters like ‘Valencia’, ‘Juno’ and ‘Moon’ especially when you’re feeling all black-and-white. Whether you crop your photos into an ideal sizing of white background at the sides or you’re just more into GIFs, if your Instagram is full of coffee photos, you’re an Instagram Addict.

The Foodie Blogger

You open your eyes. You’re wide awake. You’re hungry and when you’re hungry, you’ll be on a rampage – a food rampage! A Foodie Blogger will go hunt any cafe that’s newly popped up to try new flavours of (un)conventional food. If there’s a new cafe that serves a new salted egg yolk pasta and it’s causing a whirlwind in the (cafe) food world, Foodie Bloggers will be there ASAP to enjoy new food trends, take photos with their high-megapixel rated cameras and write their critics out on their blogs.

The Café Expert

You’ll be in charge of the camera, booking the venue, inviting all your friends, buying the birthday cake in advance, making secret events on Facebook and many other more reasons that will mostly get our heads spinning. And why are you usually the one planning all these? Because you know your cafés and you’re a Café Expert!

You’re a walking café dictionary because you know which exact café serves the best Red Velvet Cake and which coffee place uses the best Guatemalan coffee beans for that perfect cup of Mocha. If you find yourself with at least one friend’s birthday every month and there will be a celebration going on at their favourite cafés, you’re a Café Expert.

The Couple

Ahh, love is in the air… and it often lingers in a good café with coffee fragrance so strong, it probably makes you fall in love IN a café. Couples – especially those who are too busy to meet each other or meeting on a Friday for a sleepless night ahead – seem to love meeting up at café.

It doesn’t matter if the café has a quiet, jazzy ambiance or brimming with coffee patrons alike, meeting up with your significant other is a sign of love – for both the relationship and the caffeine, of course.

The Barista Aficionado

For Barista Wannabes, they don’t go to cafes often because cafes are practically their homes! They know the good stuff! Barista Aficionados care about what and how we like about our coffee so much, they probably make mental notes of their barista skills and progress or jot it all down on a notebook!

They are so enthused with the frothiness of Grade A milk and acidity of a shot of espresso, we should be thankful for their passion. Without Barista Aficionados, our coffee will not turn out just the way we like it!

The Real Coffee Drinkers

Now, if you’re a REAL Coffee Drinker, raise both your hands in the air! It doesn’t matter whether you have company or not, as long as there’s black coffee – you’re in! For those who can appreciate their coffee as black as night, you are truly a true coffee lover. *wipes tears in happiness & pride*

All about coffee,


Thirst Magazine presents Beer + Chocolate pairing @ Ales & Lagers, Publika, KL

To tell the truth, I’ve always hated beer. The immense bitterness and the bloating, gassy aftermath always makes me wonder, “How can anyone ever enjoy this, WARM especially?!” I’m thankful for this event as it totally changed the whole perspective of beer for me. And with chocolates? C’mon! Organized by Thirst Magazine, this intimate event was their first and was held at Ales & Lagers at Publika Shopping Gallery. The beers and chocolates were provided by Chocolate Concierge and Brewers’ Craft/Smith Street Taps.

Let’s get to the bottom of the ups, shall we! *sorry, lame pun*

We were first given an introduction of chocolate making and the differences in good vs bad chocolate by Ning from Chocolate Concierge. He explains that chocolates that give a bitter taste while consumption or aftertaste is a result of over-roasting the cacao beans used to make these chocolates. Over-roasting it means burning these beans and hence, the bitter taste.


Menu of the day

13043712_888906191218845_7833890924334857028_nTaken from Thirst Magazine’s Facebook

(Beer: From left) Red Chair NWPA (6.2% abv), Americano A Roma (6.8% abv), Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar (6% abv) & Stone Coffee Milk Stout (5% abv)

(Chocolates: From left) Ghana Origin Dark Chocolate Meltaway, Orange Zest Meltaway, Milk Chocolate Almond Rocher, Salted Caramel Slice & Mango Django 

After trying tiny 60%, 65% and 72% cacao samples, we were then given a little appetizer to start off the whole tasting event. We got to savor the Malted Hot Chocolate Espuma; it was a velvety rich Venezuelan chocolate paired with a dark malt, served warm. It was a wonderful drink to start off the tasting.


“Frothy, rich and oh-so-good” – Warm dark malt with Venezuelan chocolate


The first chocolate & beer pairing – The Ghana Meltaway was paired with Red Chair NWPA (6.2 abv)

The Red Chair is a pale ale with smooth, sweet caramel malt base and floral, citrus notes that smelled sweet and divine. Paired with the Ghana Meltaway, it really brought out both of its individual flavours. Don’t be fooled by the sweet-smelling Red Chair, it was a bit bitter for my liking.

Next was the Americano A Roma (6.8%abv) with the Orange Zest Meltaway. The Americano is a bready malt with light lemony taste and herbal aromas with a bitter finish. No pictures were taken here because this pairing was the one I enjoyed best.

The lemon hints from the Americano and the orange from the chocolate really complemented each other. Truth be told – I DON’T LIKE ORANGE CHOCOLATES but this one blew my mind away.


Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar (6% abv)

Listening from the crowd’s comments, some can taste the hazelnut in this, some can’t. It’s a brown ale with hazelnut extract that has a rich, nutty flavour with hazelnut aromas, roasted malt and sweet chocolate.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t taste the hazelnut but there was a very light hint of sweet chocolate. I’m a super huge fan of hazelnuts and this didn’t really tickle my fancy as I was looking forward to taste the hazelnut in this. The Milk Chocolate Almond Rocher was a sweet treat to end things with the Rogue.

The last pairing was the Stone Coffee Milk Stout with the Salted Caramel Slice. Many thought that the Salted Caramel piece was a bit too heavy to go with the stout and funny enough, it was wonderful with the Mango Django!

The stout was smooth, bittersweet and creamy while the mango-centered cream in the Mango Django burst with robust tastes of mango and passion fruit. Paired together, the stout’s taste mellowed and the sourness of the chocolate’s creamy fruity centre amplified – the Mango Django saved the day!

Definitely more chocolates for me!


Senja @ The Saujana Hotel Kuala Lumpur

I had a beautiful and intimate birthday dinner on a quiet Wednesday night with my boyfriend. I enjoyed the ambiance and food more than I could imagine and plus points were given for its tranquility! The crowd was small – only a few tables were occupied on a calm weekday night and I would most certainly come back to try out more of their authentic Italian cuisine!


A jazz live band in the front serenading Senja’s patrons 


Complimentary Italian bread

I would appreciate it if the bread was hotter- it was cold although warmed up in the fireplace oven! The sauces and olives were pretty good, fortunately.

P_20160120_200058Risotto con Crema d’Aglio, o, Petto d’Anatra Scottato e Salsa al Vino Rosso or known in English as a garlic cream risotto with smoked duck breast in Barolo wine sauce

My boyfriend and I both had the risotto. It was cooked just right and absorbed the cream very well. The duck breast was also seared perfectly- it was juicy and tender.

P_20160120_202132 (1)Tiramisu with strawberry compote

The tiramisu was as authentic as it could get. Although the ladyfingers were a tad too wet for my liking, the coffee and rum syrup soaked in it wasn’t too sweet and the mascarpone cheese was light and fluffy. Topped with the not too heavily sugared strawberry compote and dark chocolate on top, it was a wonderful dessert that filled us up for the night.

We wanted to try their pizzas and other antipasti dishes, but we were so stuffed with just the risotto and the tiramisu on its own. It’s definitely a place to visit for a romantic candle-lit authentic Italian dinner experience 🙂

Check Senja out here

They’re closed on Mondays and open everyday. Do note that the dress code for Senja is smart casual and no athletic wear, shorts or sandals.

Tues – Fri  

12.00 pm – 2.30 pm (last order at 2.00 pm)

6.30 pm – 11.00 pm (last order at 10.30 pm)

Sat, Sun & Public Holidays        

6.30 pm – 11.00 pm (last order at 10.30pm)

#FridayFavourites – Get healthy with Bonyu Ba Artisan Granola Bars

I stumbled across Bonyu Ba by accident and I was (still) going through a period of my life where I strongly felt that I needed to change my diet and eating habits around. Main meals are not enough as eating cleaner and leaner can get pretty pricey and sometimes, lean, white protein such as chicken for an early lunch is not enough for a buzzing day ahead! I found my first Bonyu Ba granola bar at a juice bar called Juus at Jaya One. Each granola bar is individually sealed and vacuum-packed to maintain its freshness and flavour. I bought Very Chocolatey and I immediately fell in love!

The history behind Bonyu Ba was created from scratch by a mother of three, Su. The inspiration of her artisan homemade granola bars came from juggling her hectic schedule while taking care and breastfeeding her kids. Unable to find time to eat a proper, healthy diet, she created these yummy granola bars which are on-the-go snacks that are easy for consumption.

bonyubaThese are few of the main organic ingredients used to make Bonyu Ba granola bars. Image credit:

The other ingredients are also mostly organic and in these mouth-watering bars are oats, flax seeds, wholemeal flour, brewers yeast, fresh farm eggs and many more.

I went to Bonyu Ba’s website and easily ordered myself 6 Very Chocolatey Bars on May 16th (which was a public holiday) and it came this very afternoon, 2 days later! Packed well with efficiency – me likey!

IMG_20150918_142749All 6 bars were vacuum-packed in my Pos Laju package 

IMG_20150918_142906They’re individually vacuum-packed too!

IMG_20150918_143109Chocolatey goodness!

In general, they are very moist compared to other granola bars which are filled with oil and other fatty starches. These are crisp yet dense and full of flavour!

I had a soy protein shake with multi-grains for lunch and a couple bites of these for tea time and I’m only starting to get hungry for dinner! It’s close to 8pm as I write this now and these granola bars definitely helped curb my hunger and (mostly chocolate) cravings!

I will definitely go try out the other flavours soon! Can’t wait to try the blueberry one!

Trying to snack healthily,



#FridayFavourites – Coffee is life: Share your stories with me!

I have a confession to make: I’m having an affair. Yes, an affair with CAFFEINE. Caffeine makes my hearts race, my pupils dilate and most importantly, it makes me happy. I don’t sound like a junkie, nah-uh 😛 But good coffee, mmm, good coffee makes my emotions swell and my journey with CofeeStory has been remarkable.

One thing I love so much about my job is the enthusiasm and passion in cafe owners’ faces when I interview them. You could actually see their faces brighten up; the conversations I engage with these cafe owners are remarkable and the way they talk about coffee is like how a newly-met blossoming couple have intimate sex. In my opinion, CAFFEINE is SEX anyway.

If you have any queries on advertorial opportunities to feature your cafe that’s located in the KL region or whether you’re simply just a coffee enthusiast, email me at so that we can chat about the one thing we both love: good coffee!
Other blog posts or write-ups can be discussed at my personal email: I always look forward to freelance copy writing and writing opportunities 🙂