Caffeine-Guilty! – 6 Types of Coffee Enthusiasts

Which One Are You?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot… more like everyday. Coffee is a newfound substance that I love to have, especially in the mornings. Like it or not, the coffee culture is here to stay and the trend has been lingering around for the longest time. In the past 5 years, cafes have been mushrooming like they were growing on fertilizers on steroids. It’s also no doubt that cafes are popular among youngsters and mind you, there are many types of coffee enthusiasts here and let’s find out which one you are!

The Instagram Addict

If you find yourself at the perfect corner of the cafe filled with natural sunlight, it will be an Instagram-worthy moment for you. Your feed is mostly on a VSCO theme and filters like ‘Valencia’, ‘Juno’ and ‘Moon’ especially when you’re feeling all black-and-white. Whether you crop your photos into an ideal sizing of white background at the sides or you’re just more into GIFs, if your Instagram is full of coffee photos, you’re an Instagram Addict.

The Foodie Blogger

You open your eyes. You’re wide awake. You’re hungry and when you’re hungry, you’ll be on a rampage – a food rampage! A Foodie Blogger will go hunt any cafe that’s newly popped up to try new flavours of (un)conventional food. If there’s a new cafe that serves a new salted egg yolk pasta and it’s causing a whirlwind in the (cafe) food world, Foodie Bloggers will be there ASAP to enjoy new food trends, take photos with their high-megapixel rated cameras and write their critics out on their blogs.

The Café Expert

You’ll be in charge of the camera, booking the venue, inviting all your friends, buying the birthday cake in advance, making secret events on Facebook and many other more reasons that will mostly get our heads spinning. And why are you usually the one planning all these? Because you know your cafés and you’re a Café Expert!

You’re a walking café dictionary because you know which exact café serves the best Red Velvet Cake and which coffee place uses the best Guatemalan coffee beans for that perfect cup of Mocha. If you find yourself with at least one friend’s birthday every month and there will be a celebration going on at their favourite cafés, you’re a Café Expert.

The Couple

Ahh, love is in the air… and it often lingers in a good café with coffee fragrance so strong, it probably makes you fall in love IN a café. Couples – especially those who are too busy to meet each other or meeting on a Friday for a sleepless night ahead – seem to love meeting up at café.

It doesn’t matter if the café has a quiet, jazzy ambiance or brimming with coffee patrons alike, meeting up with your significant other is a sign of love – for both the relationship and the caffeine, of course.

The Barista Aficionado

For Barista Wannabes, they don’t go to cafes often because cafes are practically their homes! They know the good stuff! Barista Aficionados care about what and how we like about our coffee so much, they probably make mental notes of their barista skills and progress or jot it all down on a notebook!

They are so enthused with the frothiness of Grade A milk and acidity of a shot of espresso, we should be thankful for their passion. Without Barista Aficionados, our coffee will not turn out just the way we like it!

The Real Coffee Drinkers

Now, if you’re a REAL Coffee Drinker, raise both your hands in the air! It doesn’t matter whether you have company or not, as long as there’s black coffee – you’re in! For those who can appreciate their coffee as black as night, you are truly a true coffee lover. *wipes tears in happiness & pride*

All about coffee,



Author: Stephanie Leong

Making thunderstorms go pow-wow. Talk to me at

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