Chilly On the Outside, Warm At Heart @ The Smokehouse Hotel, Cameron Highlands

I had a long week break during Chinese New Year and I thought it would be a great idea to kill two birds with one stone with the 1-week holiday and Valentine’s which was just around the corner. A few months prior to my booking with Ye Olde Smokehouse or also known as The Smokehouse Hotel, I was pretty excited to see how this old English-styled chalet/cottage would look like and aesthetically, I was beyond satisfied.

Initially, I wanted to book one of the rooms at Bala’s Holiday Chalet which was about 1km down the road from Smokehouse and I’m so glad I made the right choice! Although Bala’s was a fraction cheaper, I chose Smokehouse (because it was prettier, duh!) instead because of their straightforwardness in simple inquiries about the price of the room.

Bala’s on the other hand, tried to rip me off by telling me via email that the room I was interested in was about RM80 more expensive than what their receptionist told me through the phone (I called and inquired first, then proceeded to book through email).

Flabbergasted by the email, I told their representative that I was surprised at the drastic hike of prices within the past 3 days and wrote back that I could take the room for the price offered on the phone. Pfft, their excellent customer service and honesty completely turned me off even before I could see the place firsthand. *flips hair* Thankfully, Smokehouse was lovely!

12791033_10156610584925077_8529494228233391364_nYe Olde Smokehouse aka The Smokehouse Hotel @ Cameron Highlands


So pretty, I can daiiiii!


Simple and sweet – The Smokehouse Hotel’s entrance

12742132_10156610584410077_4670774748028522421_nCompletely blown away by their old English-styled lobby

1240645_10156610584335077_6953963474851389826_nCan I live here with the flowers forever? – The lobby

12795474_10156610585895077_7350049717084869355_n12743830_10156610585585077_2840103947258130080_nThey have a vintage telephone booth, yes, a red telephone booth!

12745560_10156610584745077_8717387898002540024_nThe room


A fireplace outside our room – Jakon kaokao

12717614_10156610585945077_2031620133798959744_nThe view outside the room


10441297_10156610585260077_6758069828208253047_nI call this my breakfast window10400838_10156610585325077_3545366492360017097_nComplimentary Traditional English Breakfast – Normal price: RM65++

Honestly, if the breakfast weren’t complimentary, I wouldn’t pay RM65++ for it πŸ˜› But if you’re looking for a beautiful, quiet environment to relax during your vacation, then The Smokehouse Hotel is for you. The room was clean and there was no weird smell whatsoever, which I’m very particular about.

Flower lovers, do come and check the garden out! However, you would need to be a guest of the hotel or a patron of their restaurant or tea house to enter their premises. I’ve tried their Devonshire Tea set that comes qith a fruit cake, smoked salmon sandwiches and a scone with strawberry jam and cream; RM45++. The scone was buttery and soft, not crumbly, just the way I like scones to be.


I wished I could stay at Cameron’s for another night but the CNY traffic congestion was crazy! I was stuck in traffic for 15-30 minutes just to get to town which was 5 minutes away! Mental note to self: DO NOT COME HERE DURING CNY EVER AGAIN.

To top everything off, I loved my stay at The Smokehouse Hotel and just lounging around eating strawberries, ice cream and steamboat.

I love chilly weather & flowers,



Author: Stephanie Leong

Making thunderstorms go pow-wow. Talk to me at

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