Live Your Best @ The Kuala Lumpur Journal

A few weeks ago, I received a media invite to attend The Kuala Lumpur Journal’s launch party and was given a complimentary stay at the stylish boutique. Stoked that it was on my birthday itself, I had a self-implied birthday cocktail by mixologist Shawn Chong. Didn’t get to take many pictures of the event itself as the place was packed! P_20160121_200830

Birthday cocktail 😛

I decided to book my hotel room a week later. The stay was during one of the long weekends as I would like to take my time to enjoy exploring around the hotel and I’m glad I did.

The Kuala Lumpur Journal is a modern and stylish boutique hotel located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. It’s strategically and conveniently placed in the middle of all the shopping destinations and entertainment hubs- 5-10 minutes away from Fahrenheit 88, Pavilion, Sungei Wang, Times Square, etc.

Night crawlers, TAKE NOTE! It’s also minutes away from Changkat where nights are always young and drinks are constantly flowing! It’s pretty nearby to stay especially if don’t like to drink and drive. I don’t know about you, but I usually just Uber my way back if I’ve been drinking. 😀


Front lobby @ The Kuala Lumpur Journal
P_20160201_130656Seating area 
P_20160201_103324_HDRP_20160201_103155_HDRThe bar area at the first floor
P_20160201_103230_HDRP_20160201_103301_HDRP_20160131_184850STOP!- One of my favourite décor items in the hotel!

FINALLY, the room! Since it’s a new hotel, I was surprised at a mild stench in the bathroom. After washing it with some soap from the shower, the smell was gone. Besides that, the hotel room was spotless and the sheets were all clean. I guess it’s everyone’s pet peeve if they excitedly entered their hotel room and found stained sheets, no? Luckily, the hygiene level of the room was up to my expectations.

P_20160131_185039P_20160131_185320P_20160131_185051P_20160131_185131P_20160201_130140Modern hospitality at its finest- A city guide to Kuala Lumpur

P_20160121_201746_LLRooftop swimming pool areaP_20160201_102912The Bounty- This is where breakfast is held

The deluxe room comes with a complimentary breakfast for two too and the breakfast selections were lovely! I enjoyed having the variety of Asian and Western breakfast cuisines. My poached eggs didn’t arrive although I’ve ordered them twice but overall, it’s satisfactory 🙂

P_20160201_095750P_20160201_095757P_20160201_101157Char Kuay Teow and Fettuccine Pomodoro? Works for me!

My stay at The Kuala Lumpur Journal has been splendid. Besides the non-reimbursed parking fee of RM30 a night, you might want to check out the open-air parking opposite of the hotel that charges RM10 per entry. I KNOW, I should have done that but better keep my car safe and the windows accidentally mashed smashed than sorry.

The deluxe rooms with breakfast for two are currently at an introductory price at RM260 nett. Whatchu waiting for? Valentine’s is already around the corner!

Check out The Kuala Lumpur Journal here.

Live your best & let good hospitality do the rest,



Author: Stephanie Leong

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