Get on the Milky Way with Mystic Vapery!

Hi guys and vapers alike!

I’ve only started to vape a little more than a year ago and vaping made me quit cigarettes for good. I’m a real-life testimonial!  There’s a contradictory, current phenomenon going on that non-smokers/non-nicotine ‘addicts’  are starting to vape because it’s cool. Vaping is essentially made to help existing smokers stop their bad habit of lighting up ciggies everyday. While ciggies have tar in it that mainly damages our lungs and causing them to be dark, vaping does not produce tar as the vape juice is made out of vegetable glycerin, which has been proven to be safely consumed too. Flavours that are in these juices are also allowed for consumption.

From many reviews alike, vaping stops people from smoking too much and eventually, cutting down. There are some vapers that are on the way to a non-smoking and non-vaping lifestyle. Good for you guys, but I (unfortunately) still enjoy nicotine and one of my current favourite juices is from Mystic Vapery called ‘Milky Way’. Mystic Vapery is from Penang, Malaysia and they locally brew their own juices. These juices are unlike any vape juices that I’ve ever tasted, especially Malaysian brewed ones.

Malaysian brewed juices are usually very sweet and since Mystic Vapery only uses all US ingredients, they’re inspired to make juices very much like how the Americans love it and that is there’s very minimal amount of sweetness in these juices. They currently have 3 juices on their debut line; Adam’s Apple, Limestone and Milky Way.

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Adam’s Apple is slightly harsher for my taste but still tastes predominantly apple-like. Harsher when inhaled and tastes like apple crumble when exhaled, this juice is more likely for those who like hot vapor instead of cold. It does not contain any mint so expect a deliciously, hot apple crumble every time you take a hit. As you can see, their juices are very clear and not heavily coloured. This one looks slightly yellowish compared to the other two.

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Limestone is totally not my thing. It is described to be a flavour of sweet, tangy lime with an ending of Exotic Berries. In my opinion, it has a very strong flavour of lime but it’s definitely not sweet and I don’t taste the berries. I find the colouring of these juices amusing and as for Limestone, I’ve never seen a cloudy-looking juice. Somewhat like a condensed, stickier version of an Isotonic drink.

This one is my absolute favourite! Mystic Vapery has done a good job in creating this juice and letting it debut on time. Probably the sweetest out of all the juices and especially at the end of every vape, it strongly tastes like a strawberry yogurt drink at the end. With a creamy, sweet finishing with a strong tinge of strawberry yogurt flavours, I am an instant fan. It tastes very original and not artificial. Kudos to Milky Way!

Vapers in Malaysia, if you’re interested to get your hands on Mystic Vapery‘s juices, visit them here at Each premium liquid is retailed at RM55; not bad for an all-US ingredients juice!


Author: Stephanie Leong

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