Start Shopping with Seoulsia!

Hey Shoppers!

Promising to bring only the best from Korea, Seoulsia is an e-commerce store that focuses on bringing a wide selection of products from Seoul to Malaysia, with each and every one carefully selected by a team with fashionable taste.

Since there were no online shops that sell unique and amazing products from Korea aside from known Korean cosmetic makeup brands, Seoulsia was created for Malaysia to be a part of the trend-setters in Korea.

Seoulsia brings in these products by updating their “Collections” every week. On their site ( itself, their collections range from top-notch skin care products, fancy ornaments, unique technological gadgets, as well as products that are catching the waves in Korea now.

And it’s so easy to purchase:

  1. Add to cart your desired products.
  2. Make payment. (Via Paypal or IPay88 Internet Banking)
  3. Orders are shipped every Sunday of the week. (The site has a timer)
  4. You will receive your products within 1-3 working days once they reach Malaysia. (In total starting from every Sunday, you will receive your products within 8-10 working days)

Prices are quite reasonable as you can find products from the luxurious end to the dainty little knick-knacks that are extremely affordable.

Here are a few cute stuff that are featured:

1Happy Breeze X Kakao Friends Limited Edition Air Freshener (RM23.90)

2Batman Passport Case (RM50.90)

3Still & Chew Pencil Case (RM41.90)

4Suck UK Cat DJ Deck Scratcher Limited Edition (RM155.90)

Now you can get your hands on these amazing finds exclusively from Korea with a special 10% discount from me! Just key in “STEPHANIE10” at the checkout page and get 10% of your total purchase!

Just head on over to and start shopping! ☺


Author: Stephanie Leong

Making thunderstorms go pow-wow. Talk to me at

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