iflix Malaysia’s Exclusive Premier of “Mr. Robot”

I was very delighted when I received an invite from iflix Malaysia, to watch the official premier of this Summer’s biggest blockbuster TV series, “Mr. Robot”. For those who haven’t heard of iflix, iflix is new in the market and is Southeast Asia’s leading internet TV service that offers UNLIMITED ACCESS to tens of thousands of hours of entertainment.

With acquired exclusive rights in Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines, I had the chance to officially watch the first episode of the critically acclaimed cyber-thriller and to my surprise, it was psychologically entertaining! It’s basically about a young computer programmer with social anxiety who leads a double life; he’s a (jaw-dropping) cyber-security engineer by day and (again, handsomely) vigilante hacker by night. Elliot (Rami Malek) discovers that he’s on the fence between his personal beliefs and the chance to take down influential multinational CEOs who are running (and mostly, ruining) the world.

I have a soft spot for psyche thrillers. With a whole lot of mind probing about a socially anxious hacker who faces present-day issues with human relationships,  sociology, financial hierarchies and worldly problems in its first episode, I’m already jumping at the edge of my seat for the upcoming episodes and definitely going to get hooked. This contemporary and culturally resonant drama also stars Portia Doubleday, Carly Chaikin and Martin Wallström.


Mr. Robot’s first season has 10-episodes and will officially be available FOR EVERYONE’s TV-junkie pleasure for the first time in Southeast Asia on 24th September 2015. From only RM8* a month, enjoy watching your other favourite TV shows ANYWHERE and ANYTIME! iflix is also conveniently available on Chromecast.

Check them out on their Facebook and Website for unlimited fun and entertainment now!


Author: Stephanie Leong

Making thunderstorms go pow-wow. Talk to me at stephanielkm@gmail.com

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