#FridayFavourites – Get healthy with Bonyu Ba Artisan Granola Bars

I stumbled across Bonyu Ba by accident and I was (still) going through a period of my life where I strongly felt that I needed to change my diet and eating habits around. Main meals are not enough as eating cleaner and leaner can get pretty pricey and sometimes, lean, white protein such as chicken for an early lunch is not enough for a buzzing day ahead! I found my first Bonyu Ba granola bar at a juice bar called Juus at Jaya One. Each granola bar is individually sealed and vacuum-packed to maintain its freshness and flavour. I bought Very Chocolatey and I immediately fell in love!

The history behind Bonyu Ba was created from scratch by a mother of three, Su. The inspiration of her artisan homemade granola bars came from juggling her hectic schedule while taking care and breastfeeding her kids. Unable to find time to eat a proper, healthy diet, she created these yummy granola bars which are on-the-go snacks that are easy for consumption.

bonyubaThese are few of the main organic ingredients used to make Bonyu Ba granola bars. Image credit: http://www.bonyuba.com

The other ingredients are also mostly organic and in these mouth-watering bars are oats, flax seeds, wholemeal flour, brewers yeast, fresh farm eggs and many more.

I went to Bonyu Ba’s website and easily ordered myself 6 Very Chocolatey Bars on May 16th (which was a public holiday) and it came this very afternoon, 2 days later! Packed well with efficiency – me likey!

IMG_20150918_142749All 6 bars were vacuum-packed in my Pos Laju package 

IMG_20150918_142906They’re individually vacuum-packed too!

IMG_20150918_143109Chocolatey goodness!

In general, they are very moist compared to other granola bars which are filled with oil and other fatty starches. These are crisp yet dense and full of flavour!

I had a soy protein shake with multi-grains for lunch and a couple bites of these for tea time and I’m only starting to get hungry for dinner! It’s close to 8pm as I write this now and these granola bars definitely helped curb my hunger and (mostly chocolate) cravings!

I will definitely go try out the other flavours soon! Can’t wait to try the blueberry one!

Trying to snack healthily,




Author: Stephanie Leong

Making thunderstorms go pow-wow. Talk to me at stephanielkm@gmail.com

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