#FridayFavourites – Coffee is life: Share your stories with me!

I have a confession to make: I’m having an affair. Yes, an affair with CAFFEINE. Caffeine makes my hearts race, my pupils dilate and most importantly, it makes me happy. I don’t sound like a junkie, nah-uh 😛 But good coffee, mmm, good coffee makes my emotions swell and my journey with CofeeStory has been remarkable.

One thing I love so much about my job is the enthusiasm and passion in cafe owners’ faces when I interview them. You could actually see their faces brighten up; the conversations I engage with these cafe owners are remarkable and the way they talk about coffee is like how a newly-met blossoming couple have intimate sex. In my opinion, CAFFEINE is SEX anyway.

If you have any queries on advertorial opportunities to feature your cafe that’s located in the KL region or whether you’re simply just a coffee enthusiast, email me at stephanie@cofeestory.com so that we can chat about the one thing we both love: good coffee!
Other blog posts or write-ups can be discussed at my personal email: stephanielkm@gmail.com. I always look forward to freelance copy writing and writing opportunities 🙂

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