#FridayFavourites Revisiting The Malayan Chinatown – Merchant’s Lane @ Jalan Petaling, Kuala Lumpur

Even before its opening, Merchant’s Lane has been receiving a lot of love and hype due to its nostalgic décor and hipster-looking Instagram shots! They debuted on Instagram even before they officially opened doors. Their pictures sure looked captivating enough for me and many other café enthusiasts to take a trip down memory lane for a visit.

How does one transform an old building (I read it used to be a brothel), combine it with ‘old’ Chinatown décor and create a very VSCO & Insta-worthy hipster space into one newly-opened café? If I’m not mistaken, they’re barely 3 months old and are doing pretty well.

Merchant’s Lane is situated directly opposite of an open car park where you can park your car for a few ringgit. It’s next to ATC College and watch out for the stationary shop below. It’s right on top of it and you’ll be greeted by a subtle sign that reads the café’s name and opening hours. Walk up the stairs and you’ll see this display of antique-looking accessories as below;

IMG_20150825_133922IMG_20150825_133822IMG_20150825_133814Initially, I was very surprised with the spaciousness they managed to acquire. I didn’t know that old Chinatown buildings could cater to this much space! The ceilings are all brand new and renovated very well.

There is a little gap at the side where natural sun-light comes in. The whole place is well-lit, perfect for pretty pictures! Don’t worry about the heat though; the whole place is fully covered and air-conditioned. It wasn’t too hot nor cold which is just right for a very easily flu-prone person like me.

There is also an outside area which is sandwiched in between of 2 indoor areas. That’s right, there are more seating areas!

IMG_20150825_134620The outside area where patrons can enjoy a smoke or simply be enchanted by its rustic and minimalist wooden furniture.


IMG_20150825_134547Floral Love – The tall, white walls are covered with beautifully floral-painted cloths. Chrysanthemums and peonies are very symbolic flowers in Asian art. Simple, unique and no painting is required if they want to decorate the walls with other art in the future.

IMG_20150825_133724IMG_20150825_134655The Taukay (RM20) – It’s a juicy beef patty stuffed with peanut sauce, pineapple compote, cheese & fried egg sandwiched with a charcoal bun. Comes together with tandoori-like fried mushrooms! SERIOUSLY YUMMY!

IMG_20150825_134710Hongkie Beef Stew (RM19) – Presumably stewed for 12 hours, this Cantonese-style stew was a surprise to the taste buds! I was curious of how Cantonese and Western could go together and it was great! The broth was thick and flavourful and the mash wasn’t lumpy. A very hearty meal for one.

IMG_20150825_134849Eat Die Me with lamb sausages (RM27) – There are other choices of chicken or beef sausages too for RM26. Although the lamb sausages look dry and unappealing from the picture, do not be fooled! It was decently juicy with toast on your choice of eggs (poached in the picture), creamy corn, sautéed mushrooms with ginger, cherry tomatoes & homemade fried hash. I personally enjoyed the fried has a lot.

IMG_20150825_133649Chrysanthemum tea with Rose for 2 (RM15)

IMG_20150825_133704The famous Rose Honey Milk (RM12) – According to my sister, it was frothy but not very special


Next to ATC College & directly opposite an open-air car park

(First floor, upstairs) 150, Jalan Petaling, Off Chinatown, Kuala Lumpur


Sunday, Monday, Tuesday & Thursday: 10.30am – 6pm

Friday & Saturday: 10.30am – 10pm 



Author: Stephanie Leong

Making thunderstorms go pow-wow. Talk to me at stephanielkm@gmail.com

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