Dining under the stars – The Verte @ Port Dickson

It might be one of the best and most reasonable Western fusion restaurants around, The Verte is definitely worth the ambiance. Located right next to Avillion Port Dickson, The Verte might be a little hard to spot. To walk into The Verte, you have to go through the hotel’s private car park. Just follow the pathway that leads all the way to your left and tah-dah!

Boasting that they are Port Dickson’s largest outdoor event venue – they can fit about 200 pax. They have a pretty big garden that would fit a lot of cocktail tables and seats.

Tip: Although The Verte doesn’t serve pork, it isn’t completely Halal as they still serve alcohol in their drinks menu.

IMG_20150804_190726The entrance of The Verte


IMG_20150804_194406The outdoor dining areas

IMG_20150804_191456There’s a snooker/pool table for those who wish to come here for a drink and a casual play with their friends. There’s also a bar next to it with a few selections of house wines from reds, whites, beers and cocktails. IMG_20150804_195148Since I bought Groupon vouchers worth RM200, we got to order a whole bunch of stuff including a range of appetizers, mains, desserts and of course, (not applicable in the vouchers) cocktails and their house wine; the French Lavila Sauvignon Blanc. IMG_20150804_200400Cheesy Italian Risotto Rice Balls (RM15)

These kind of disappointed me and for restaurant quality, it was safe to say that the ones my boyfriend made for Valentine’s was way cheesier. Crispy on the outside, but dry on the inside. If I’m not mistaken, Ricotta cheese was used and it was too dry for my liking. Cheesier cheeses should be used, in my opinion.
IMG_20150804_202328(Clockwise from far left) Pan Roasted Lemongrass Duck Breast (RM38), English Lamb Stew in Hot Pot (RM38), Vietnamese Stuffed Chicken Wings (RM20) the (leftover) Risotto balls & Soup By The Chef – Mushroom Soup (RM18)

The best dishes here were the mains; the Pan Roasted Lemongrass Duck Breast and English Lamb Stew in Hot Pot. The duck breast were generously portioned and the orange sauce was refreshing. They were really tender too and I’ve never had such juicy duck breast before! Slightly fatty, but that’s how a lot of duck lovers like it!

The English Lamb Stew in Hot Pot is one of their bestsellers and as much as I love my gravy, it didn’t really have much of the taste of lamb in it. It comes with what tastes like homemade toast, it was to have them dipped into the gravy. Stingy on the potatoes and carrots; it wasn’t as hearty as I thought stews would be but nonetheless, still yummy.

The mushroom soup was disappointing! Watery and light, it tasted like Campbell’s soup to me and they lacked mushrooms too.

The Vietnamese Stuffed Chicken Wings were yummy! The filling was juicy and bouncy at the same time, tasted like there was a bit of fish in it for the bounciness. The batter was a tad too thick.

IMG_20150804_203809(Top to bottom) Sticky Hazelnut Chocolate Pudding (RM15) and Mochachino Cream Cheese (RM15)

The desserts did not disappoint me! I’m not a fan of warm to hot desserts but the Sticky Hazelnut Chocolate Pudding is yummy! I got slightly confused because I thought it would be a pudding instead of a warm cake. Filled with Hazelnut bits, there would be Hazelnut chips in every bite. Perfect for Hazelnut lovers.

The Mochachino Cream Cheese was my favourite among the two! The cream cheese was thick and not too sweet; the cake in the bottom tasted light like Tiramisu. I was looking for the strawberry compote and was disappointed that the compote was some cut-up strawberry pieces instead. Overall, I still enjoyed it! Too bad I was too full, I couldn’t finish it.

IMG_20150804_210115The walk back to our hotel


Service: Excellent! The waiter was friendly and even recommended us to order whatever we could for our RM200 vouchers. Hospitality was attentive as he kept bringing us scented candles because the mosquitoes were crazy there! 

Food: There are some pros and cons but it wasn’t all terrible. I would definitely have a short drive here to try out their brunch menu one day.

Price: For the quality, it was average for me. The quality was alright too. Don’t expect excellent Western food here.


Address: Lot 5823, 3rd Mile, Jalan Pantai, Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan

Contact: 016-9202360

Business Hours: 5pm-11pm (Tuesdays to Sundays), 10am-2pm (Sunday)




Author: Stephanie Leong

Making thunderstorms go pow-wow. Talk to me at stephanielkm@gmail.com

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