#SmoothieAlert – Simple Berries + Yogurt Smoothie Recipe

When life gets you down, have a smoothie! Smoothies are my express meals nowadays, especially when I don’t have a huge appetite or when I have eaten too much throughout the day. They’re a great alternative for breakfasts or dinners, in my opinion. I have occasional gastric attacks and sometimes, I don’t even feel like having any solid food in my tummy so I opt for smoothies instead.


Smoothies are SUPER easy to make and it only requires you THREE ingredients. Here are the ingredients I usually use to make this absolutely delicious and filling meal replacement;

1. BERRIES! –  Cut your preferred berries in halves or threes (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, etc). The reason why it’s better to cut them into smaller pieces is because it’s easier when they’re frozen to blend them together. In this smoothie, I used blueberries, strawberries and green grapes.

Think little cubes VS big cubes of chunky ice. No ice is required in this simple recipe as frozen berries are used. If you use a lot of frozen berries and very little water/preferred liquid, it could also be turned into a sorbet. These little nutritious jewels are filled with antioxidants and are high in Vitamin C. They also have anti-inflammatory properties and fight off cancer.

  • If you want your smoothie to be naturally SWEETER, add in maple syrup, natural honey or even sweetened raisins! Red grapes are good to add a little sweetness into your beverage too.

2. Yogurt – It’s up to you which type of yogurt you want to add: Flavored & sweetened or plain. I personally like plain ones better because it just gives the smoothie a little more oomph and it still preserves the original tastes of all the berries in it. For those who experience tummy discomfort, yogurt also aids in better digestion so that it gets easier to go to the loo after a huge glass of this simple goodness!

  • If you’re lactose-intolerant, opt for non-dairy alternatives such as soy milk, almond milk, coconut milk or rice milk.

3. Water – Add less than half a cup of plain water if you want your smoothie to be more watery than the usual thick ones.


Chia Seeds – For a more filling replacement meal, add chia seeds to your smoothie. These little miracle seeds will help create a thicker shake that will fill you up for at least 2-3 hours depending on how much you put them. I recommend at least 1-2 teaspoons for a tall glass.

Green tea powder – Green tea powder has been a great source of energy for the last few months ever since I religiously consume them. I put a teaspoon or two in almost everything in my new daily diet regimen. Whether it’s smoothies, food, fruit shakes, coffee or even just plain water, green tea powder boosts metabolism and burns fat quicker than regular caffeine. Beware of consuming too much though as it still contains caffeine. For a healthier option, do purchase the ones that are unsweetened.

I put at least 1 teaspoon of refined green tea powder into my smoothies and/or teas.

Choosing to live a healthier life,

Steph xo


Author: Stephanie Leong

Making thunderstorms go pow-wow. Talk to me at stephanielkm@gmail.com

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