Death is here! – Makeup Revolution’s “Death By Chocolate”

Yes, my title is a bit dramatic but that’s just how it is with things I’m excited about! My postage is finally here after only less than 3 working days and I’m really happy with how with efficient Makeup Revolution‘s postage is. Everything was in good shape when I received the parcel too.

I’ve been hearing a lot about the hype on how this phenomenal brand has the prettiest shades and really dense pigments. After fangirling for a period of time at their Instagram page, I decided to get one for myself. Don’t judge a girl’s shopping habits – especially after her pay cheque is out! I’m soooooo excited to try it out because I LOVE MY BROWNS.

This is a sneak peak of how this yummy palette looks like in my hands!

IMG_20150629_181835Even the box that comes with it is so cute!

IMG_20150629_181757Real chocolate can’t be as yummy as this!

IMG_20150629_182024There’s a plastic film on top of the individual eye-shadow palettes & it’s not just any type of plastic film – names of the eye-shadows come on top of the individual eye-shadows. Pretty articulate detailing, huh?

IMG_20150629_182135Ta-da! The gorgeous colours of “Death By Chocolate

 I’ll be doing a makeup review for this palette soon and I’m very confident that I’ll be purchasing more of these babies!


Author: Stephanie Leong

Making thunderstorms go pow-wow. Talk to me at

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